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  • Numerical Modelling of a Cutting Arc Torch 

    Mancinelli, Beatriz; Minotti, Fernando O.; Prevosto, Leandro; Kelly, Héctor (Jan Awrejcewicz. INTECH, 2014-02-14)
    Plasma cutting is a process of metal cutting at atmospheric pressure by an arc plasma jet, where a transferred arc is generated between a cathode and a work-piece (the metal to be cut) acting as the anode . Small nozzle ...
  • On the use of the Prandtl mixing length model in the cutting torch modeling. 

    Mancinelli, Beatriz; Minotti, Fernando O.; Kelly, Héctor (2011-05-25)
    The Prandtl mixing length model has been used to take into account the turbulent effects in a 30 A high-energy density cutting torch model. In particular, the model requires the introduction of only one adjustable coefficient ...