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    Biopolymer, Chitosan, n-Butyl acrylate, Graft, Thermal and structural properties [1]
    celda de combustible; hidrógeno; membrana de intercambio de protones; modelado y simulación [1]
    characterization; anodes; lithium ion batteries [1]
    Chitosan; Cellulose nanocrystals; Bionanocomposites [1]
    coating; laminar zinc; steel; protection [1]
    Coatings, hydrogen bonding, barrier properties [1]
    Cobalt electroless; Nickel hydroxide cathodes; alkaline batteries; porous electrodes [1]
    drug-delivery systems; PUs; stimuli-sensitive polymers; swelling [1]
    elastomers; polyamides; structure-property relations; synthesis and processing; thermoplastics [1]
    Fly ashes, Pretreatment, Hydrothermal synthesis, Zeolites [1]
    fuel cells; porous-electrodes; electrode flooding [1]
    hydrothermal synthesis; nano nickel hydroxide; positive electrodes; NiMH batteries; electrochemical characterization [1]
    maderas, alquilalcoxisilanos, impregnación, hidrorrepelencia, estabilidad dimensional [1]
    Nanocomposites, Polyurethane/nanosilica, Waterborne dispersions [1]
    nanoparticulas; energías alternativas; ORR; DMFC; celdas de combustibles [1]
    Nickel electrode; MWCNT; NiMH batteries; hydrothermal synthesis; electrochemical characterization [1]
    Nickel hydroxide, Carbon nanotubes, Positive electrode, Ni-MH batteries [1]
    ORR; DMFC; methanol crossover; methanol-tolerant catalyst; trimetallic catalyst; direct methanol fuel cells [1]
    ORR; methanol crossover; methanol-tolerant catalyst; passive direct methanol fuel cells; accelerated stress test; trimetallic catalysts [1]
    ORR; PtCo/C; PtCoRu/C; Methanol crossover; DMFC; Methanol-tolerant cathode catalysts [1]