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  • Effects of non-thermal plasma technology on Diaporthe longicolla cultures and mechanisms involved. 

    Pérez Pizá, María Cecilia; Grijalba, Pablo Enrique; Cejas, Ezequiel; Chamorro, Juan Camilo; Ferreyra, Matías; Zilli, Carla; Vallecorsa, Pablo; Yannarelli, Gustavo; Prevosto, Leandro; Balestrasse, Karina; Santa Cruz, Diego (2021-01-05)
    BACKGROUND: The Diaporthe/Phomopsis complex (D/P) is a group of soybean seed-borne fungi. The use of chemical fungicides, either for seed treatment or during the crop cycle, is the most adopted practice for treating fungal ...
  • Enhancement of soybean nodulation by seed treatment with non–thermal plasmas 

    Pérez Pizá, María Cecilia; Cejas, Ezequiel; Zilli, Carla; Prevosto, Leandro; Mancinelli, Beatriz; Santa Cruz, Diego; Yannarelli, Gustavo; Balestrasse, Karina (2020-03-18)
    Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) is one of the most important crops worldwide providing dietary protein and vegetable oil. Most of the nitrogen required by the crop is supplied through biological N2 fxation. Non-thermal ...