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dc.creatorFumero, Yanina
dc.creatorCorsano, Gabriela
dc.creatorMontagna, Jorge Marcelo
dc.identifier.citationFumero, Y., Corsano, G. & Montagna, J.M. Ann Oper Res (2017) 258: 415.
dc.description.abstractA mixed integer linear programming for the detailed production planning of multiproduct batch plants is proposed in this work. New timing decisions are incorporated to the model taking into account that an operation mode based in campaigns is adopted. For plants operating in a regular fashion along a time horizon, this operation mode assures a more efficient production management. In addition, sequencedependent changeover times and different unit sizes for parallel units in each stage are considered. Given the plant configuration and unit sizes, the total amount of each product to be produced and the product recipes, the proposed model determines the number of batches that compose the production campaign and their sizes, the assignment and sequencing of batches in each unit, and the timing of batches in each unit in order to minimize the campaign cycle time. The proposed model provides a useful tool for solving the optimal campaign planning of installed facilities.es_ES
dc.subjectmultiproduct batch plantses_ES
dc.subjectproduction campaignes_ES
dc.subjectMILP modeles_ES
dc.titleAn MILP model for planning of batch plants operating in a campaign- modees_ES
dc.description.affiliationFil: CONICET – UTN; INGAR, Instituto de Desarrollo y Diseño; Argentinaes_ES
dc.description.peerreviewedPeer Reviewedes_ES
dc.relation.projectidPID:25/O152: "Integración de sistemas soporte de decisión para la gestión óptima de la cadena de suministros utilizando sistemas empresariales"es_ES
dc.type.snrddocunento de conferenciaes_ES
dc.relation.referencesC. T. Maravelias. General framework and modeling approach classification for chemical production scheduling. AIChE Journal 2012, 58(6): 1812-1828, 2012.es_ES
dc.relation.referencesD. Birewar and I. E. Grossmann. Incorporating scheduling in the optimal design of multiproduct batch plants. Computers and Chemical Engineering, 13, 141-161, 1989es_ES
dc.relation.referencesV.T. Voudouris, I.E. Grossmann. Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Reformulations for Batch Process Design with Discrete Equipment Sizes. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 1992,31, 1315-1325es_ES
dc.relation.referencesY. Fumero, G. Corsano, J. M. Montagna. Scheduling of multistage multiproduct batch plants operating in a campaign-mode. Industrial Engineering and Chemical Research, 5: 3988−4001, 2012.es_ES
dc.relation.referencesY. Fumero, G. Corsano, J. M. Montagna. Detailed Design of Multiproduct Batch Plants Considering Prodction Scheduling. Industrial Engineering and Chemical Research, 50 (10), 6146-6160, 2011.es_ES
dc.rights.useAutorizo la publicación de la obra, desde si aprobación/presentaciónes_ES
dc.rights.useCC0 1.0 Universal*

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