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  • Cotton industry waste as adsorbent for methylene blue 

    Tenev, María Daniela; Torre, Camila; Fontana, Gimena Lilián; Caracciolo, Néstor; Boeykens, Susana; Farías, Alejandro Rubén (2019-03-01)
    Removing dyes used in the textile industry from the water bodies is a relevant task because of the importance of their high toxicity. The cotton industry waste is a big problem in the final ...
  • Furfural biodegradation in consortium through bacillus licheniformis, microbacterium sp. and brevundimonas sp. 

    Farías, Alejandro Rubén; Echeverría, Macarena Celeste; Utgés, Enid Marta; Fontana, Gimena Lilián; Cuadra, Pablo Nicolás (2022)
    Furfural (Furan-2-carbaldehyde) is a potentially toxic substance. Indigenous bacterial strains naturally adapted to that contaminant were previously isolated from the effluent of a tannin industry and identified as ...
  • Reactor de lecho fluidizado para tratar un efluente industrial con furfural 

    Utgés, Enid Marta (2017-11-03)
    Se diseñó y construyó un Reactor Anaerobio de Lecho Fluidizado – RALF – a escala piloto, para tratar un efluente similar a las "aguas madres" – provenientes del procesamiento de aserrín de quebracho colorado detanizado – ...